Noah's Ark

By Dr. Dan Cheatham

The local church is akin to Noah's Ark. It's your only safe haven from the storms and floods of life. Don't abandon ship just because you didn't get the deck that you felt was reserved for you, or because some of the other "animals" on board don't suit your fancy. Don't "jump ship" just because the other "animals" on board often give off an offensive odor or stand on your turf.

Can't you just hear the animals in the ark talking... "I don't think it's fair; why doesn't Noah spend as much time with us as he does those crows and doves." "I'm tired of this cramped space and having to share the boat with animals who aren't like me." "Are we there yet?" "Where is Noah taking us anyhow?" "This ride is getting boring!"

"Really! This place is beginning to smell!" "I thought I had signed up for a luxury liner but I got a floating stall instead; this is not at all what I had expected." "The songbirds aren't singing my kind of music." "I don't get it; I wanted Noah himself to visit my stall, but instead he sent one of his sons to check up on me."

"Hey, lets all take a vote to decide when we want this flood to end. Then we'll vote to fire Noah and hire one of us, maybe the King of the Jungle over there, to lead us. As for this Noah guy, he's not really like us." "Gosh, the hippo next door to me stepped on my toes; I'm out of here!"

"I'm tired of watching out for those two insignificant ants wandering around on the floor; they act like they own the place." Hey, hey, hey, this bagged, dry Purina stuff is really getting old; how about some fresh pasture, man!" "Ya know, those two hyenas over there made fun of me; I'm going to another ark!"

"Noah never serves me exactly what I want and when I want it, so I'm going to find me another Noah." "Noah said that there was danger outside and that we needed to stay close together in here, but is there really rain out there?"

"That racoon across the hall looked at me wrong; I'm going to swim instead!" "Who does that skunk think he is? Does he think he is Noah's right hand man or bodyguard or something?" "The giraffe thinks he is higher than everyone else; lets give him the cold shoulder so that he'll leave and drown."

"I don't like the color of these floors; lets build another ark." "Ya know... I came into this ark for refuge and safety, but once I lived here for awhile I discovered there was a lot of dust, dirt and dung in the place. I'm really disappointed. I wanna go to an ark where there are no problems and where everything is clean, not so loud, and all the other animals are just like me."