About Dan & Marilyn

smaller d&mDrs. Dan & Marilyn Cheatham make their home in Hampton Cove of Huntsville, Alabama. Their firm belief is that God is The God of Another Chance and that He offers people unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness through Jesus Christ! They are pastors of Life International Church in Huntsville, Alabama. In 2007 the Lord spoke to Dan's heart, saying, "Build me a house of praise!" On January 9, 2011 the Lord spoke two scriptures into Dan's heart: "Knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake from sleep..." and "Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch!" Thus Life International Church began on March 26, 2011.

Dan & Marilyn are also official members of Dr. Mike Murdock's church, "The Wisdom Center." No one has so impacted Dan's ministry over the years as Mike Murdock. They are also charter members of "m21," a ministers network started by Strang Communications who have published the popular "Charisma" and "Ministry Today" magazines for decades.

Married happily for over 34 years, with four children and three grandchildren, their marriage stands as a living testimony to the power of God's Marriage Covenant

Dan's weekly devotional email, "Faith Food For Eagles" has nearly 3,000 subscribers, and is a tool used by hundreds of pastors, missionaries, and national leaders all over the world to enrich their own lives and the lives of their churches and organizations. Dan has been active in ordained ministry for 35 years. He is the founder of Apostles International, a global network of almost 200 ordained ministers. He was the dean and primary professor of two Bible Colleges and Seminaries, graduating over 200 students.

Dan has ministered in nearly 40 cities in America, speaking in churches, events, and conferences. His meetings are characterized by authoritative, yet humorous, preaching & teaching of God's Word. He takes time to minister the gifts of the Spirit and personal prophecy to as many individuals as possible. Many senior pastors of churches ranging in membership size from 50 to over 1000, as well as Christian musical artists and renowned bands such as "The Imperials," have testified to the timeliness and accuracy of Dan's prophetic utterances over their individual lives, families, ministries, and organizations.

Marilyn is an accomplished keyboardist and was the principal and primary teacher at three different Christian academies. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Christian Education from Southern Bible Institute & Seminary with a minor in the Russian language from UAH. She also earned her Doctor Of Theology in Christian Education from Word Of Truth Seminary.

Dan & Marilyn have successfully founded and senior pastored four local churches and three Christian schools in the Tennessee Valley. They've conducted mission trips and evangelistic crusades as well as pastors conferences in several nations. Dan is a prolific writer, having published 4 daily devotionals and over 150 books and study guides, some of which have been published in Spanish, Creole, or Russian. Together Dan & Marilyn have written over 200 praise & worship songs and have produced two Compact Disc and Cassette albums.

Dan's B.S. is from Virginia Tech in Aerospace & Ocean Engineeering and his Master of Theology and Doctor of Theology are from Southern Bible Institute & Seminary.

They're also the Founders of DCMI, an IRS 501(c)3 approved Not-For-Profit Evangelistic Association since 1981, created to: 1) PASTOR God's people, 2) PRAISE & worship with excellence and anointing, 3) PROPHESY divine destiny over as many possible, 4) PUBLISH God's Word over the internet, in print and through all forms of media, 5) PROPAGATE world missions, 6) PREPARE new pastors and, 7) PLANT new churches.

Marilyn's favorite pastime is reading Christian novels that are interlaced with actual history, and her favorite food is Dan's grilled pork chops (secret recipe). Dan enjoys hiking, website design, target shooting, quail and turkey hunting with his sons, and fly fishing in mountain streams. The whole family loves camping and hiking. All their children are grown and two are at Liberty University studying to be in the ministry.

The teaching and preaching ministries that have shaped Dan's ministry the most are Dr. Mike Murdock, Dr. Kenneth Hagin, Sr., Dr. Bob Hellmann, Watchman Nee, Dr. Bill Hamon, Dr. Elaine Hollmer, Richard Exley, Rick Joyner, and Kenneth Copeland. DM Story Folding PDF